Takeout Lunch: San Francisco and GDC

It's pretty crazy to think that two weeks ago, we got on a plane and headed down to California to attend out first ever Game Developer's Conference. It had only been 3 weeks since our previous trip down to the States, where we did an art residency at Burlington's Champlain College, so it felt as though we had barely had the time to unpack before we were hitting the road (technically air) again.

As we mentioned in an earlier Lunch Blog, we had been invited down to San Francisco to show off Spacebro Justice Rocket at GDC 2015 as part of an event named ALT.CTRL.GDC which focuses on alternative controller games. Although the conference wasn't beginning until the Monday, we had decided to fly in a few days early and enjoy some extra time away from the coldest February in recorded history. We could not have wished for better weather during our stay!

After a few days of exploring the city and eating some really great food, it was time for GDC! We had been graciously provided with all-access passes and so were able to enjoy some of the talks, which turned out to be really great. We also met all sorts of amazing people, which was really the highlight of our time there! Though it shouldn't be much of a surprise, game developers are amazing people, and it was really great meeting so many of them from so many different walks of life.

During the three days of the expo we found ourselves mostly confined to our booth. Though it was hard on our feet, it is always fun to show off the game and see people's reactions. People seemed to really enjoy spending their time high-fiving, and we got a lot of good feedback. We also ended up getting some really amazing things written about Spacebro. Here's a little taste:



We also appeared in The Daily Dot's "You've never seen video game controllers like these before" and Business Insider's "8 bizarre new ways to control video games".

So yeah, it was a pretty amazing week-and-a-half trip. Thanks to all of the amazing new people that we met along the way, as well as all of the old friends that we managed to meet up with again, and a very special thanks to John Polson for organizing ALT.CTRL.GDC.

Till next time!

               -Nick and Louis