Announcing... Poltergus!

We are extremely proud to announce our next game, Poltergus, a single-player narrative-driven adventure designed for virtual reality and set in the world of reality television.

Gus and Nancy are two best friends who host a reality TV show about paranormal investigation. Take control of both characters and guide them through an adventure that unfolds as much in front of the camera as it does behind it, jumping back and forth between the mystery itself and one-on-one interviews with the cast and crew of the fictional show. Oh, and did we mention that Gus is a talking dog, and Nancy is a ghost?

After mastering friendship games with our award-winning Spacebro Justice Rocket and giving “horror” a whole new meaning with RadOS, we realised that the next logical step would be to combine the two genres. Poltergus is the comedic tale of two friends trying to make their big break as ghost hunters in a world where ghosts aren’t just real, they’re productive members of society.

At Rad Sandwich Studios we have always prided ourselves on defying expectations. With Poltergus, we don’t just want to tell a playful story, we want to play with how stories can be told. The combined perspectives of virtual reality and reality TV allow us to deliver a narrative in innovative and unexpected ways. We’re designing the game from the ground up to take full advantage of VR, but don’t worry, Poltergus will still be fully playable without any VR hardware.

Rad Sandwich Studios invites you to join Gus and Nancy as they dive into the normal lives of paranormal people, and try to make some compelling TV along the way. Poltergus is an adventure in (virtual) reality television, and will be released in spring 2016 for PC and Mobile. We will be launching a crowdfunding campaign this fall.