Rad Sandwich is an independent game studio founded by Louis Sciannamblo and Nick Kornek seeking to explore the concept of positive play experiences. The company has been operated by Nick since 2016.


Nick and Louis met in the summer of 2014 during the Critical Hit games collaboratory where their shared desire to make goofy, never-before-seen games led to the creation of Spacebro Justice Rocket, a game about high-fives and friendship. From there, they began showing off the game at festivals, receiving a fantastic audience response. Rad Sandwich is currently in pre-production on an exciting new project.


Spacebro Justice Rocket: Festival Edition

Spacebro Justice Rocket is a cooperative rhythm battle game controlled by high-fives, fist pounts, and elbow bumps. You play as space-faring law enforcers sent to take down the evil intergalactic Robobaboon. You and your partner are issued state-of-the-art High-5000 controllers, which are powered by the platonic energy that you share. Use these to execute complex sequences of bro maneuvers to take that metal monkey down.



RadOS is an experimental operating system simulator and modern horror experience. Your computer will restart in 30 seconds to install updates, and you haven't saved your work in hours. It's up to you to save and close all of your open applications. Don't worry, your friendly and "helpful" desktop assistant software will make everything much, much easier.

In the Press

Praise for Spacebro Justice Rocket:

"It might be the best co-op game ever made." - Gizmodo

"If you're not already friends with whoever you play this game with, you probably will be." - Wired

"The feel good game of this year’s exhibit" - VentureBeat

"Seeing two people you don’t know (and who might not know each other) enthusiastically doing secret handshakes is about as unique a gaming experience as you can get" - DorkShelf

"Putting on the glove felt so empowering – we were already sold!" - GamingMTL

"It's surprisingly easy to play, and it is so fun." - Paper Droids

"The coolest game of ALT.CTRL.GDC" <<translated from French>> -


Spacebro Justice Rocket has also been featured in:


"Praise" for RadOS

"Designed to frustrate you and make you laugh a little bit" Leigh Alexander, Offworld

"OH MY GOSH YOU ARE THE WORST HELPER."  Alice O'Connor , Rock Paper Shotgun

"RadOS [turns] frustration into a game." Emanuel Maiberg, Motherboard

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Spacebro Justice Rocket



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